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I have figured out a way to simulate metro/underground trains without having to rewrite the whole game, but of course it's not very simple at all (or someone else would have done it by now). Ok, so metro systems. The problem that we have is as follows; we cannot have a new Z-level on which to lay track and such. There is however an unused Z-level; the sky.After playing a game where I used helicopters to supplement buses in the inner city, I realised that with some creative coding it should be possible to create a system where when a train enters a 'Metro tunnel' it gets 'deleted', and simultaneously we procedurally generate a 'helicopter' procedurally which contains all of the information of the 'deleted' train at the metro tunnel ( a quick hack of a train depot and a heliport should provide this) which can the fly 'underground' (animate the sprite several pixels below its real location) to a metro station (modified heliport) or out of a 'Metro tunnel' where we delete the 'helicopter' and re-generate the train from earlier. I'm not sure if things such as points or signals could be simulated 'underground' easily (perhaps each metro tunnel stores an array of what there is in that particular tunnel) but I think this might be a good starting point for approaching metro systems. I have experience coding, but I have never done anything with openttd, so I have no idea where to start such a project.
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